About Us

Rabaul Getaway Tours has been providing quality tourism services since its establishment in 2007, for tourists visiting the beautiful province of East New Britain in  Papua New Guinea.

Whether it be:

  • Visiting historical sites such as the famous Japanese Tunnels dug during World War 2
  • Experiencing the diverse culture of the province by seeing cultural dances such as the famous Baining Fire Dance
  • Experiencing the beauty of nature untouched by human civilization through bird watching and mountain climbing
  • Seeing and tasting the various mouthwatering local dishes prepared by the locals
  • Or simply to meet and speak with the locals,

Rabaul Getaway Tours can help you experience them all and make lasting memories with comfort and style.

We have extensive experience in handling inbound visitors arriving on private motor/sail yachts, expedition vessels, cruise ships and private jets.

Through our  broad network of suppliers in accommodation, transport and logistic support, we will make your stay one that will never be forgotten.

Also through our services, we can  get you to experience more  visiting other beautiful sites in other provinces such as:

  • Manus Province
  • Sepik River in the East Sepik Province
  • Kavieng in the New Ireland Province
  • Nissan Island in the Autonomous Region of Bouganville
  • The islands of Bali, Vitu, & Garove in West New Britain Province
  • Finchafen & Tami Island in the Morobe Province
  • Oro Bay in the Northern Province
  • Trobrian Islands in the Milne Bay Province


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