We have a number of excursions available for the guests’ convenience. With sites of interest scattered in both Rabaul and Kokopo, our choice of scheduled tours are designed for guests’ satisfaction.

Half Day Kokopo Tour (4.5 hours) – Sites of interest include the Kokopo War museum, German colonial cemetery, Bitapaka war cemetery, Queen Emma’s steps, Kokopo fresh food market and the shopping centre for souvenir.

Half Day Rabaul Tour (4.5 hours) – Sites of interest include the Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto bunker, the New Guinea Club, the hot spring, the Japanese peace monument, Rabaul Volcanic Observatory, Submarine base, Rabaul Virgin coconut oil mill and the Japanese Barge Tunnel.

Rabaul – Kokopo Highlights (4.5 hours) – this is a half day excursion with the selected sites of the two towns. The sites are, Rabaul Volcanic Observatory, the Japanese Barge Tunnel, the Queen Emma’s steps, Kokopo war museum and the Kokopo fresh food market.

Mount Mother climbing – the climb starts at the base of the mountain at Nodup Village. The climb starts as early as 7am in the morning. The climb takes 1 hour, an hour descend and at least an hour allowed for viewing. Climbing is not allowed on rainy days.

Full Day Tour (8 hours)–guests with a lot of interest in this part of the country may opt to take the full day excursion, which takes you to most of the sites of interest, have lunch at a reputable restaurant in either Rabaul or Kokopo.

Village Tour – Get once in a life time experience of a village life style. Get to see locals in their daily activities. See how traditional shell money (TABU) is made, see how mats, baskets and hats are woven from coconut leaves and see how women cook the way they cook for hundreds of years.

Bird Watching- East New Britain is home to diverse species of Birds.  In the past we’ve taken the birders to the “Wild Dog” mine where the surrounding environment is untouched. For this visit, we organized three Toyota Land cruisers with drivers and a guide. At the site an advance arrangement with the land owners had them waiting to allow the birders to the site. Two hours of bird watching at the site had been an exciting experience for many, especially when seeing exotic birds only found in the region. 1.5 hours drive each way past many villages is an added experience to the adventure as you will be able to see how the locals live.



Customized excursions–itinerary can be drawn according to guests’ requirement.

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